Congratulations! Your responses have been tabulated and are listed below. Print out this page and keep it with your other career research materials. It should become an important tool in your research.

Investigate careers in the clusters in which you expressed a relatively high interest. The career list page on this site provides links to complete information for all careers in each cluster. Each individual career page includes detailed information about the career including common responsibilities, salary information, where the jobs are, interviews with people in the field, education required, top schools and personality traits critical to success.

According to your ranking of the statements on this test, you have an interest level of...

31% towards careers in the Artistic (Creating) cluster
13% towards careers in the Enterprising (Influencing) cluster
9% towards careers in the Realistic (Producing & Adventuring) cluster
7% towards careers in the Investigator (Analyzing) cluster
4% towards careers in the Conventional (Organizing) cluster
3% towards careers in the Social (Helping) cluster