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  • Complete, original, thorough information on over 325 career fields and thousands of jobs
  • Enrichment tools including a professionally designed interest assessment test to point users in the direction of careers which will fulfill their needs and suit their aptitudes
  • Videos featuring real-world professionals performing their career duties
  • Extensive secure reliable links to associations, periodicals, and a wealth of additional information
  • Education Planner - The best colleges, vocational schools, and other educational resources specific to each career, with easy to use secure links to obtain more information about programs and courses, financial aid and admissions
  • Career News - the most relevant developments in today's workplace
  • Get Involved Now, notices of competitions, internships, scholarships, contests, and learning opportunities

You will have unlimited access from all the computers in your school/library. Plus users can even access this members only website from their homes on any computer at any time.

We pledge that visitors to Careers Internet Database will never be subjected to intrusive and inappropriate advertising and that we will never disclose any information about users to anyone for any reason, practices which educational authorities now condemn.

Institute For Career Research has been America's most reliable authority on Vocational Guidance for many generations, and we will continue in the new century to fulfill our obligation to you and those whom you are devoted to help, to provide this same high quality of service utilizing the most advanced technology in the field.

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